Thursday, 10 May 2012

my ipod was being awkward and would upload the pictures from the ipod to the computer so sorry if its blury, i will make it work soon so it will be better :D x

hi guys this is fabi here, hopefully you'll get the chance to look at this because im gunna talk about my very interesting tirering day yesterday with my 2 month old nephew and he's called Dexter! he came round because my sister was tired and needed a good sleep so me my mum and my brother chails were looking after him :) i took loads of pictures of us so i can share them with you and i hope you think he's a little bundle of cuteness, because he is the cutest baby EVER !!! unless you have a baby sister, brother, nephew, neice, grandaughter, grandson and ect then there cute aswell :) well it was a very fun night because me and dexter danced watched dora the explora and peppa pig, after a while of holding dexter my back started to hert so i took him upstairs so he could be with his uncle chails. later on me and mum bathed him and he loved it, and then he fell asleep on my shoulder in his pj's and then i went to bed. hope you liked listerning if you are to this point thankyou for listernig and, PEACE OUT !x


  1. I love it Smabi!!!! Well done for being the first to blog! :) xxx